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How can Raw Food Diet be risky for your dog health?

You are must be planning out to give your pet a healthy diet, and obviously, you will not compromise any negligence when it’s all about the health of your pet dog. Enormous brands are introducing dog diet plan in a new manner now it’s not all about raw diet. You can feed raw meat to your dog either in combo with vegetables or fish to give a change to their taste buds. Raw food diet can be risky too for your pet dogs. In this blog, I am going to let you know how can raw food be dangerous for them to let’s have a look

  • Bacterial growth in Raw Meat

You may have seen the rapid growth of bacteria in raw meat. Some of the infectious agents leave a significant impact on both humans and dogs, but it can be a quite dangerous for people than your dogs. A Severe type of bacteria can affect those individuals who are already having auto-immune syndromes. To get rid of such grave situations you need to use proper sanitization techniques while feeding a raw diet to your dog.

  • Lack of Balanced Diet

We all know how much-balanced diet is important not only for human beings also much needed for your pet dogs as well. High protein diet is required for your dog. We shouldn’t rely on only meat a balanced combo with high protein nutrients is essential. Somehow dogs don’t want to eat meat you can try out vegetables and fruits. Here is an important fact which needs your attention that is vegetables and fruits are not healthy for dogs they can be used as fillers for your dogs to give them nutritional benefits.

  • Abdominal problems

If you sudden change the dog barf diet plan, then your dogs would probably face issues like diarrhea or some other intestinal problems. It depends on your pet digestive system if he has an efficient digestive system then it wouldn’t be great change for them otherwise severe abdominal problems will affect your pet’s health.

  • Chewing whole bones would be severe

It would be dangerous for your pet internal system if whole bones are being swallowed. Meat with bones are somehow beneficial for a pet to improve oral health and for calcium intake but sharp bones will affect the intestinal system and would be a hindrance for the digestive system as well. It can be risky for your dogs.

These are some fundamental risk factors which could affect your pet’s health it would be better to feed renowned brand diet rather than home-based. You can choose any of the canned food which is fulfilling all the health standards which wouldn’t be hazardous to your pet’s health. Despite serving them only raw coarse meat, it’s better to combine proteins and starches to improve digestive system of your dog. Don’t forget to monitor the amount of  intake if it is not according to recommended one then you can change that with slightly changes for making mouth-watering for your pet.

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